Graduation Requirements
Lambda School strives to ensure that students understand graduation requirements and are well-prepared for their student journey and life beyond Lambda. Graduation from Lambda School is achieved through successful completion of all curriculum requirements, as outlined below.
Core | Units 1-4 - 66.6%+ on all attempted sprints
Core | Unit 4: Core Track Interview = 66%+
Total clocked hours: 488 FT // 351 PT
CS | Data Structures and Algorithms I - III Sprint Challenge: 60%+
CS | Attempted General Coding Assessment (GCA)
Total clocked hours: 160 FT // 120 PT
Labs | Labs Interview score of 66% or above
Labs | Passing all four sprint challenges at 66%+
Total clocked hours: 158 FT //111PT
In addition to all graduation requirements, students must be in good standing and follow all Lambda School policies, including those outlined in the Student Guide. For more information on graduation requirements please reach out to your Unit Success Coordinator or /Frontdesk.