How to get help
The coursework and pace of Lambda School can feel overwhelming, but there are numerous people and resources available to support you when you need it. Don't be afraid to ask for help!
Your Support Coordinator should be your first touchpoint when you need help throughout the course. Reach out to them for help with the following:
  • General inquiries
  • Help with tools
  • Scheduling
  • Expectations
  • Who to go to for what
To get in touch:
Type /frontdesk anywhere in Slack and your question will automatically route to your assigned coordinator.
Student Success
There will be a coordinator assigned to you for each unit who will work with you 1:1 on any challenge you may encounter. Reach out for questions about:
  • Stress
  • Time management
  • Personal challenges
  • Hiatus
  • Flex
To get in touch:
Reach out to them directly, or contact your Support Coordinator to get connected.
Your course Instructor will be a single source of truth for any course-related questions. From assignments to build weeks, your Instructor is dedicated to your success. Reach out for questions about:
  • Curriculum
  • Assignments
  • Build Week
  • Unit expectations
  • Technical concepts
To get in touch:
Slack your Instructor directly, but first give yourself 20 minutes to try to solve the problem on your own.
Career Coach
Starting from day one at Lambda, Career Coaches are available to help you with any career-related questions. They also host workshops and hold office hours for 1:1 support. Reach out for questions about:
  • Your career plan
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Portfolios
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Negotiating salaries
To get in touch:
You can submit a /frontdesk ticket and get a direct response from a coach within 24 hours or go to their office hours.
Job Search Trainer
Job Search Trainers work with you at the end of the program, specifically on job search strategy. They will work with you individually to help you find a job that fits your needs. Reach out for questions about:
  • Job search strategies
  • Personalized job search plan
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Getting recruiters' attention
To get in touch:
Slack or email your Job Search Trainer directly. If you don’t yet have a Job Search Trainer, you will be contacted as soon as your cohort is eligible, typically after graduation.
Your enrollment advisor will be assigned to you after you have completed your application. They will guide you through the Admissions process and can answer any of your questions about:
  • Financing options
  • Admissions process
  • Lambda Launch
  • Precourse materials
  • Lambda School in general
To get in touch:
Slack or email your Enrollment Advisor directly.
Alumni Support Coordinator
Once you have completed your course, you will be assigned an Alumni Support Coordinator. They will support you as you transition from student to graduate. Reach out for questions about:
  • ISA and finances
  • Networking
  • Mentoring Lambda students
  • Lambda Community
  • Career support
To get in touch:
Send your Alumni Support Coordinator a direct Slack message or email whenever you need them.
Student Leadership Coordinator
Your Student Leadership Coordinator will work with you individually and with your group to provide support and coaching on mentorship, teamwork and leadership skills. Reach out for questions about:
  • Teamwork
  • Peer mentorship
  • Leadership training
  • Coordination skills
  • Group dynamics
To get in touch:
Send your Student Leadership Coordinator a Slack whenever you have questions.
Peer Mentor
You will meet regularly one-on-one with a Peer Mentor as part of the Lambda Leadership program. Your mentor can help fill any gaps in your learning so you can stay on track . Reach out for questions about:
  • Coursework
  • Code reviews
  • Technical concepts
  • Feedback
  • Module assignments
To get in touch:
Slack your Peer Mentor directly. If you have questions about Lambda Leadership, reach out to /Frontdesk.
Technical Project Lead
The Technical Project Lead (TPL) serves as a technical leader on your Labs project. They ensure each member of your project team has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully and accomplish the scope of work. Reach out for questions about:
  • Help with Labs project
  • Labs team dynamics
  • Labs project planning
  • Technical support
  • Portfolio advice
To get in touch:
You will be connected with your TPL when you begin your Labs project. Reach out to them directly via Slack as needed.
Associate Product Lead
The Associate Product Lead (APL) coordinates engineering efforts among teams building Labs Products. They work closely with Labs staff to ensure that you are job-ready. Reach out for questions about:
  • Vision for your Labs project
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Updates for stakeholders
  • Resource management
  • Labs product help
To get in touch:
You will be connected with your APL when you begin your Labs project. Reach out to them directly via Slack as needed.
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