Imagine Lambda School is like climbing a mountain. At the summit is your $50K+ job. Students climbing this mountain are from many different circumstances and walks of life. Some may already have a bit of mountaineering experience. Some may be hiking with a child. Some may have trouble breathing at high altitudes. We're confident all hikers can get to the summit, but we know each may need the flexibility to complete the journey in their own time.

When you need additional time or support, we give you the opportunity to repeat a unit, so you can have another try at achieving the necessary skills to progress. 

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When you flex, you leave your current cohort and join the one behind you.
When you flex a unit you will stay with your current Track Team, however you will be joining the cohort behind you.
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We use a number of checkpoints to determine when flexing is necessary.
We use a number of different checkpoints, including Sprint Challenges, Build Weeks, interviews and Unit Assessments, to understand if you need additional support and practice to achieve learning objectives.
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You can flex once per Unit, going through the content a total of 2 times.
When you flex, you are repeating a unit. You are able to flex one time per unit (repeating that unit's content a total of 2 times). There is no limit to the number of units you can flex. You can flex every unit, if needed.
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Flexing extends the length of time it will take you to graduate from the program.
If you flex, it has no affect on your ISA, but it does extend the length of time it will take you to complete the program.
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Flexing is common
Remember: flexing is not failure, it’s an opportunity to continue toward the goal at your own pace! Needing more time to learn is not a sign of failure or incompetence. Flex is about flexibility. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and as long as you’re putting in the work and making progress, we consider you to be on the right track. 
Frequently Asked Questions: Flex
What is flex?
"Flex" is a learning remediation model at Lambda School. It's how we help students that have not yet developed expected skills on the first attempt.

Our model is inspired by mastery-based-progression (MBP) which entails working on a learning objective until you achieve it before moving on to the next challenge. We're not able to offer perfect MBP today but we're actively working toward it.
Why does Lambda offer flex?
In a nutshell, because we want to offer flexibility and opportunity to students that need additional time or support to develop the skills we teach rather than withdrawing them from the program. The Lambda mission is to "unlock potential regardless of circumstance" and that means doing everything we can to help you succeed even when it takes more than one try.
When do I have to flex?
We use a number of different checkpoints (usually in the form of an assessment) to understand when students need additional support to achieve learning objectives, which can result in flexing.

Sprint Challenges
Expectations: Submit sprint challenges on time and achieve a  passing score on 2 out of 4 Sprint Challenges within a unit. 

Build Weeks
Expectations: Pass

Unit Assessments
Expectations: Submit on time and pass
What happens if I am flexed?
When you flex, you are moved to another cohort so you can repeat the unit you need to master.

Flexing does extend your time at Lambda by a unit or longer depending on how many units you need to flex. About 15% of students that have graduated from Lambda flexed at least once.

At this time we're able to offer one flex opportunity per unit. If you're not able to master the expected skills on the second attempt of a unit, you become a candidate for withdrawal, so it's important you really focus on the skills you need to develop on the second attempt.
How many times can I flex?
When you flex, you are repeating a unit. You are able to flex one time per unit (repeating that unit's content a total of two times). You can flex every unit, if needed.
Can I flex less than a unit? Can I catch back up to my original cohort?
Currently, we flex on a unit basis (4 weeks for full-time students and 8 weeks for part-time). There’s no way (or need) to catch up with your previous cohort. The priority is to keep you moving forward at the best pace we can accommodate for your needs.
If I don't pass a challenge, how long do I have to catch up before I have to flex?
If you do not pass a sprint you will have some time to study and resubmit to work towards a passing score. If you are unable to pass no less than 2 out of 4 sprints by the end of the unit, you may be required to flex and repeat that unit.

What are the repercussions of flexing?
There are no repercussions for flexing. This does not impact your ISA, it will however impact the length of time for you to complete the program. Each time you flex, you add 4 weeks (8 weeks for part-time, the length of a unit) to how long it will take you to complete the program.